Our spearheads

Écart explicitly focuses on three spearhead sectors. With this, Écart bundles capital in sector knowledge, insight and practical experience.


In 1995 Écart participated in the secondment company Balance, which developed from starter to a holding company with four operating companies with a turnover of EUR 25 million. Afterwards, Écart invested three times in companies that grew into holdings with various operating companies that are supported by shared service centers. It concerns a secondment organization aimed at the government, an absence management company and a service provider in case of personal injury.


Écart has invested a total of six times in an IT company since 2009. Écart likes to invest in new SaaS and software companies. The Écart team actively supports these companies in realizing their growth ambitions. It provides value growth and knowledge, strengthens the financial processes and provides support in the analysis of business processes.


The first participation of Écart in 1993 was a packaging company: the Woerdense Touw- en Zakkenhandel. Since then, Écart has invested in three other packaging companies. The packaging companies were bought from DGAs who remain as a director for a limited period of time. Subsequently, new management was attracted to take over the baton.

Previous participations

  • Login International Group

    Start participatie: www.loginvsi.com
  • Lytho

    Start participatie: https://www.lytho.com/
  • Target Pet Holding

    Retail chain for pet shops

    Start participatie: http://targetpetholding.nl/
  • ShipitSmarter B.V.

    SaaS-software for logistics

    Start participatie: www.shipitsmarter.net
  • Logex

    Performs quality of Value Based Healthcare

    Start participatie: June 2016 http://www.logex.nl
  • Giralis Groep B.V.

    Consultancy and advisory services within the educational and childcare system.

    Start participatie: July 2011
  • Rolloos Industries B.V.

    Offshore and onshore camera-, weighing techniques and safe (crane) load indication.

    Start participatie: April 2015 https://www.rolloos.com/
  • Wakker Beheer Hillegom B.V.

    Retailer in bedroom furniture.

    Start participatie: January 2006
  • Wilderness B.V.

    Camping- and outdoor specialist.

    Start participatie: March 2010
  • Van Leusden B.V.

    Produces and supplies specialized lifting equipment and components.

    Start participatie: February 2010 https://www.vanleusden.com/vanleusden2/
  • Bizcuit Holding B.V.

    Accounting software.

    Start participatie: December 2014 http://www.minox.nl
  • Atlas Magnetics Group B.V.

    Active in the field of complete magnetic solutions.

    Start participatie: December 2016
  • Van Duijnen Holding B.V.

    A nationwide supplier of coffee machines and ingredients.

    Start participatie: January 2006 http://www.vanduijnen.nl
  • R&A Invest Group B.V.

    Postal Services

    Start participatie: May 2005 http://www.rm-nl.nl/
  • 5D Invest B.V.

    Facility services

    Start participatie: August 2007 http://www.toned.nl - http://www.justcheckit.nl
  • AC Analytical Controls Holding B.V.

    Supplies analytical instruments for the petrochemical industry.

    Start participatie: March 2004
  • HNG Hoevelaken B.V.

    An online auction house.

    Start participatie: April 2009
  • Studiekring

    Offering supportive education to Dutch youth.

    Start participatie: November 2003 https://www.studiekring.nl
  • Personal Car Lease B.V.

    Start participatie: January 2002 https://www.personalcarlease.nl/
  • Euromex Holding B.V.

    Supplier of microscopes and accompanying accessories of microscopes.

    Start participatie: December 2006 https://www.euromex.com/nl/
  • Schouten Container Services

    Start participatie: January 2001
  • Synoptics Holding B.V.

    Start participatie: January 2000
  • PROXY Laboratories B.V.

    Contract laboratory, with a focus on quality control of (bio) pharmaceutical raw materials and medicines.

    Start participatie: January 2006
  • Kalibra Holding B.V.

    Start participatie: January 1999 https://www.kalibra.nl/
  • Roldo Rent Holding B.V.

    Start participatie: June 1999 https://www.roldorent.nl/
  • Balance Ervaring op Projectbasis B.V.

    Start participatie: January 1995
  • The Woerdense Touw- en Zakkenhandel

    Start participatie: January 1995
  • Helix Liften B.V.

    Start participatie: January 1995
  • Interfoon Marketing Plus B.V.

    Start participatie: January 1995
  • Velaundry B.V.

    Start participatie: January 1995