Wilderness B.V.

Previous participations

Vrijbuiter is the largest camping- and outdoor specialist in The Netherlands. The store in Roden – founded in 1985 – is also the headquarters.

Messrs. Kremer and Van der Veen became co-shareholders in 2006. Soon after that, they decided to expand regionally. In 2008 Vrijbuiter started a second store in Gouda and in 2010 a third store in Roermond opened its doors. In June 2011, a next step towards regional expansion was made through the acquisition of De Kampeerwinkel in Zaandam.

Écart participated from March 2010 until March 2014 in Wilderness B.V., the holding company of Vrijbuiter. Through this so-called management buy-out, the founder sold his shares in the company to the management, Messrs. Kremer and Van der Veen. The latter obtained a majority stake in the company, whereas Écart obtained a minority stake. During the fourth quarter of 2013, Navitas Capital B.V. (“Navitas”) acquired the majority of the shares in Wilderness. This transaction was part of the restructuring of Wilderness. In March 2014 Ecart and Navitas reached an agreement on the acquisition by Navitas of the remainder of the shares of Écart in Wilderness.