Wakker Beheer Hillegom B.V.

Previous participations

Until mid 2012, Wakker Beheer Hillegom – operating under the name SlaapkamerCentrum – operated as a retailer in bedroom furniture, carrying brands like Auping, Pullman, Tempur, Norma, Svedex, Phi-ton and its own brand. Apart from a vast collection of beds and accessories, SlaapkamerCentrum offers various types of (walk-in) closets, including tailor made bedroom interiors.

Écart Invest participated from 2005-2011 in its holding company, Wakker Beheer B.V. When entering into participation Écart invested EUR 600.000 in this company. To allow the further growth of the number of stores, Écart provided additional subordinated loans in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Under pressure of the economic crisis, the company failed to realize the targeted return. Late 2011, the management buys the shares of Écart and thus acquires all shares in the company.