Previous participations

Studiekring, founded in 2000, is a nationwide organization offering supportive education to Dutch youth in cooperation with schools and teachers. Studiekring uses a well-balanced method to improve the study skills of the student and to eliminate knowledge gaps. In November 2003 the company starts with 4 sites. In 2011 Studiekring is market leader in The Netherlands with 52 locations in 35 cities and over 400 tutors.

Écart participated from November 2003 until mid August 2011 with a minority stake in Studiekring. During participation two investment rounds were carried out. As from the start, Écart intensively supported the growth and professionalization of the organization, including the consultation structure and management reporting to the stakeholders. All this, enables Studiekring to achieve nationwide coverage of its services. The company’s positive development is a good example of what entrepreneurs call: a continuous process of value creation.

The growth and market leadership aroused the interest of several parties. On August 24, 2011, the shareholders and the management of Studiekring sold the majority of their interest to the publicly traded company Gimv. Gimv acquired the majority of the shares in Studiekring. Ivo and Reinier Richaers – the founders and also directors of the company – retain a minority stake in Studiekring. Écart sells its entire stake in the company. After the transfer of the shares, the management team of Studiekring remains unaltered.