ShipitSmarter B.V.

ShipitSmarter B.V. is a market leader in the field of smart IT-solutions for all transport modalities and express deliveries. ShipitSmarter was founded in 1999. The company provides SaaS software to international and multinational companies, enabling them – by means of an internal control tower – to improve the organization and steering of their logistics, in order to realize robust cost savings. The service is provided “in the cloud”. The organization has built a diverse portfolio. Currently it employs more than 5,000 users with the functionality of ShipitSmarter. Together these users send over 5 million shipments per year. The company offers the customers flexibility by providing its product in blocks. Hence, the customer pays per transaction and only for the parts he needs. The functionalities booking+labelling, optimizing transport (cost), tracking & tracing, accounting and reporting yield customer value, efficiency & savings for the customer. On August 6th 2013 Écart entered into a participation in ShipitSmarter with the aim to support its further growth. Écart acquired a minority stake in the company. The management retains a majority stake. Leo Zijerveld: “ShipitSmarter generates services with a proven added value. The investment is attractive because of the continuity of management and the support of a professional and committed team. The company is already well-established in the market, and offers favorable prospects for the future. Écart seeks to contribute to the further growth of Shipitsmarter. “