SFA Packaging


SFA Packaging B.V. (“SFA”) is a supplier of injection molded packaging, in particular to medium-sized food companies in the Benelux. The company’s success rests on two pillars: standard packaging and tailor-made packaging. The tailor-made concepts include unique injection molded packaging, in tune to the ideas and wishes of the customer. SFA closely monitors the cost aspects of the packaging. The one-seal closing concept, the injection molded packaging with barrier (IML) and the skinny pack are examples of packaging solutions which are being marketed by SFA.

Écart Invest 1 B.V. entered into a participation in SFA on January 22, 2014. The reason to participate in SFA was to attract MBI management that eventually will replace the Managing Director, Mr Willem-Arie den Hertog. In consultation with Mr. den Hertog, Écart actively searched for motivated Management Buy-In candidates who have an affinity for the food market. Écart will apply the same – proven – method as for Schutte bagclosures and Lifehammer Invest: Écart acquires a majority stake in the company. In doing so, the new management is given time to gradually increase its share interest in the company.

Écart found the right MBI candidate in Niels L’Abée, joined as director in May 2014 and acquired an interest in SFA Packaging.