Schutte Bagclosures

Schutte Bagclosures is the European market leader in the production, sales and distribution of bag closures and binding materials. With its products, the company focuses on the bread and pastry industry, the food industry, industrial and agricultural markets and the plastic bags industry. Clipband Original ™ in plastic and paper, Clipband Xtragrip®, ClipStrip®plus, U-Clips, Clipps®, Twist Ties ™, Multiplast ™, Thermolock® and Drillbinders are part of the extensive range. With sales in more than 50 countries, Schutte has grown into a global player, known for its quality, reliability and optimal service.

Écart has been participating in Schutte Invest B.V. since December 2009. (“Schutte”), the purchasing company of Schutte Bagclosures. Écart acquired a majority interest in Schutte. The former management, Ad van de Geijn and Hans den Rooijen, each retained a minority interest. The purpose of the transaction was to attract new management that would eventually replace the current two-man management. The MBI transaction was realized in September 2010.

Écart played an active role in the MBI process. By taking a temporary majority stake, Écart offered the new management the opportunity to grow as a shareholder in the company. With this objective in mind, Écart has from the outset opted for a limited bank debt, a clear transaction structure and comprehensive agreements on future succession. Thanks to its network, Écart was able to interest several MBI candidates in a short period of time for a step-by-step admission to Schutte. The final preference went to the team Wout Abbenhuis and Bertil Bruisten. They had previously worked together, both had long-term management experience in similar companies and were willing to invest in Schutte. The gentlemen acquired an interest and took over the management positions.

Schutte’s attention is focused on the further expansion of Schutte in and outside Europe. In June 2012, Schutte realized the acquisition of the German Clip-Technik and thereby improved its market leadership in Europe. On 6 April 2016, the company also acquired all shares of Klaus Martin Clipbänder GmbH (Hohenfels, Germany). Schutte is also exploring the possibilities of introducing its renewed closure “Clipps” outside of Europe.

In June 2016, after a 4-year procedure, Schutte won the lawsuit against the American Kwiklok. This outcome gives Schutte access to the American market with, among other things, the Clip G developed by Schutte, a universal Clip for automatic bag closing machines, and there will also be a strong focus on Asia and Africa. In September 2018 Arjan Kip joined as director and co-shareholder at Schutte to lead the company commercially and to further expand international markets. Wout Abbenhuis stepped down as director at the end of 2018.