Prevermo (Nijmegen) is a new initiative of André Bakker, Buck Jüch and Écart Invest. Through acquisitions and organic growth, Prevermo’s target is to become a major player in HR services, with a focus on mobility, reintegration and absenteeism. The aim is to offer the market – through national coverage – complete absenteeism and reintegration solutions. Écart supports this ambition. On May 27 2016, Prevermo realized its first acquisition: AMK reintegration (Utrecht). AMK focuses entirely on track 2 reintegration. The activities of the Banensolliciteit Rotterdam were also acquired.  A second acquisition that followed is Lengersdorf (Hoofddorp), a reintegration and outplacement enterprise providing nationwide services. A third acquisition, De Bedrijfspoli was realized in October 2016. De Bedrijfspoli is a certified health and safety service with its own consultation locations in Nijmegen and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Its company doctors, case managers and labor experts also work at the location (s) of its customers. De Bedrijfspoli supports organizations in drafting their policies with regard to absenteeism, illness prevention, sustainable mobility and employality. De Bedrijfspoli enhances 4D’s capabilities to engage in professional guidance and reintegration of (sick) employees towards work. In April 2017 Prevermo also became owner of Certego B.V. ( Certego is specialized in social security, work and income, and has a focus on private clients. Based on the conviction that socially, working is the best solution, employers (cost reduction) and employees (income continuity) are served by short term reintegration. This can be realized through a network of partners (entrepreneurs). The vision of a changing labor market and a mission tailored to it, fits well with the ideas of AMK Group BV. Certego and AMK Group are now affiliates in the broad field of job mobility. Traditionally, within the labor mobility market, the power of AMK is more focused on track 2 reintegration. The strength of Certego is in ZW flex and reintegration. “Our previous joint company, 5D, has given way to Prevermo. In both cases the management and the private equity party form a partnership. In Écart we found a partner who helped us to realize these acquisitions. Écart participates for an indefinite period of time, allowing us to focus on our core business.” André Bakker & Buck Jüch “André Bakker and Buck Jüch are equipped with a good track record in facility management, they themselves invest in the company and they complement each other. Hence, there is a sound foundation for further growth.” Rolf Metz