Prevermo Group B.V. in Nijmegen is an initiative of André Bakker, Buck Jüch and Écart Invest. Prevermo’s approach is to become a major player in the Sustainable Employability market by means of acquisitions as well as organic growth, with a more specific focus on prevention, absenteeism and labor mobility. The aim is to offer integrated deployability solutions to the market through national coverage. Écart contributes to this ambition.

Prevermo realized its first acquisition on May 27, 2016: AMK reintegration (Utrecht). AMK focuses entirely on track 2 reintegration and outplacement. This acquisition was followed by a number of smaller acquisitions in the same field, adding career coaching activities. In 2017 these companies will be merged under the name Amplooi.

The acquisition of De Bedrijfspoli, the first in the field of occupational health and safety services, was completed in October 2016. The Bedrijfspoli is a certified health and safety service with its own consultation locations in Nijmegen and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In addition, the company doctors, coaches and advisers also work at the location (s) of the clients. The Bedrijfspoli assists organizations in drawing up their absenteeism policy, absenteeism counseling and promoting the employee strength of organizations. The takeover of this health and safety service strengthens Prevermo’s possibilities to work with professionals in guiding and reintegrating (sick) employees to work. A second takeover in the field of health and safety followed in 2018 through the acquisition of Rienks Arbodienst. A national organization known for its quality of service.

In 2018, Prevermo also entered the field of labor expert investigations through the acquisition of A-REA. The occupational experts present play an important role in the absenteeism process, especially by translating the resilience of clients into possibilities in a reintegration process. A-REA has since been renamed ADEA. Precisely because Prevermo not only believes in expert absenteeism support, but also in the prevention of absenteeism, Adaptics Health & Performance was acquired in 2018. Ideally, the addition of this organization will shift the center of gravity of the organization from curation to prevention. No acquisitions were made in 2019, but the focus was on the integration of individual BVs and the establishment of a Shared Service Center.

In 2020, the acquisition strategy was taken up by taking over TrajectConsult Groep, again a labor mobility company. At the beginning of 2021, this was followed by the acquisition of OnzeCoach. This is a coaching platform where a multitude of coaching services are centrally offered to larger (national) organizations. This takeover meets the desire to be able to offer even more individual interventions.

“Our previous joint venture 5D has been replaced by Prevermo. In both cases there is a collaboration between management and private equity firm. In Écart we found a partner who made our acquisitions possible. Écart gives us the space to do business. ” André Bakker and Buck Juch

“André Bakker and Buck Jüch have a good track record, they themselves invest in the company and they complement each other well. This has laid a good foundation for Prevermo to continue to grow. ” Rolf Metz