PR Beheer


On 13 September 2017, Écart realized a participation in PR Beheer Holding B.V. (hereinafter “PR”). PR is a leading service provider in the personal injury market. Subsidiaries are consecutively Nostimos, Radar and Mediathos. Nostimos provides extra-judicial help to injury victims. Radar advises on the domain of people, work and income on issues related to illness, injury and limitations. Mediathos provides medical advice in case of personal injury. PR is driven by both a professional and strategically successful management. Over the past fifteen years, the management has consistently worked on quality and expertise. The immediate reason for the participation is to attract a general manager with the necessary strength to realize the growth plans. This new director will buy in and will work together with the current management who will stay on after the transaction. Nostimos, Radar and Mediathos are all recognized parties with a good name in the market. We are looking forward to expanding the company together with the current management and the new general manager. Écart has positive experiences with the acquisition of management that purchases. We have accomplished this several times, among others SFA, Schutte and Bizcuit. With all our investments the management’s own investment is our starting point.