PR Beheer

In 2017 Écart realized a participation in PR Beheer Holding B.V. (hereinafter “PR”). PR is a leading service provider in the personal injury market. Subsidiaries are successively Nostimos, Radar, Mediathos, Mooyman and MedSec. Nostimos provides extrajudicial assistance to injury victims. Radar advises on the domain of people, work and income on issues related to illness, injury and disabilities. Mediathos provides medical advice in the event of personal injury. In 2019 Mooyman (specialist in personal injury) and Medsec (a medical consultancy) were acquired.

After the takeover, a general manager was hired to realize the growth plans. Nostimos, Radar, Mediathos, Mooyman and MedSec are all recognized parties with a good reputation in the market. Écart has positive experiences with recruiting management that buys itself. The management’s own investment is our starting point for all our investments.