Personal Car Lease B.V.

Previous participations

Personal Car Lease is a car lease company, focusing on full operational lease contracts for cars and vans in The Netherlands. With its products and services, PCL responds to customers demand for more flexible leases. In addition, it takes care of all possible administrative burdens. These include online billing, online car choice and car management program, online customized management information, advice on mobility and car policies, damage settlements, replacement transport. Écart participated 2002 to 2007 in PCL. At that time, the company had about 500 contracts. At the start Écart along with other shareholders, invested 1.8 million euros in the company. In December 2005, PCL portfolio contained 1,100 contracts. Écart provided an additional subordinated loan of EUR 500,000 to finance further growth. Mid 2007 PCL’s portfolio includes about 1,650 contracts. On September 3, 2007, the management acquired the shares, held by Écart in the company.