Previous participations

Lytho has a marketing platform that ensures that marketers, agencies and employees can work together optimally in one online environment. In 2015, Lytho launched this fast-growing SaaS platform and has now connected many customers at home and abroad. The investment of Écart Invest 1 B.V. (‘Écart’) is used to accelerate the development of the product, to grow further (internationally) and to invest in customer success. Niels Bouwman and Moniek Hop remain respectively as CEO and COO. ‘We are very happy that we have come out at Écart in this funding round. Écart is a solid party with a long-term vision and a focus on IT and SaaS companies and above all a strong network. With this investment we can strengthen our unique position in the field of Create & Publish. In addition, we can add innovative features in the field of Artificial Intelligence to our marketing platform and expand internationally, “says Niels Bouwman.

About Écart Invest

Écart makes entrepreneurs aware of responsible value creation and collaborates with management on the necessary preconditions. It invests in ICT, HR Services and Packaging. Écart has an invested capital of € 45 million with a value of € 55 million. “Lytho is a growing SaaS company with appealing customers. The management has a good track record and has invested in the company itself. These are important starting points for Écart, also for investments in our focus segment ICT. We are looking forward to supporting management in further growth, “says Rolf Metz from Écart.