Previous participations

In June 2016, Écart realized a participation in Zorg Invest B.V. Founder/director Wim Smit retained a majority interest in the company. Écart acquired a minority interest. Zorg Invest B.V. (2012) performs quality measurements in the healthcare sector, thus making an essential contribution to Value-Based Health Care: providing affordable and qualitatively good healthcare in which the patient comes first. Value Based Healthcare is worldwide recognized as the best solution to prevent the explosive rise in health care costs. The model is based on three pillars: quality, cost, and patient-reported outcomes. It aims to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of health care. By measuring the outcomes of care and by capturing quality records, healthcare organizations can steer toward these pillars. Zorg Invest is one of the few parties that collects and processes patient-data from all Dutch hospitals. It does so through its subsidiary Medical Research Data Management BV ( ‘MRDM). MRDM disposes of the required (security) certifications: ISO 27001 and BS 7510. Zorg Invest takes a unique position and has a proven track record. Its platform connects all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. By means of the data collected within the Zorg Invest platform, the quality of health care is made transparent and can be benchmarked. Hence, health care providers can develop better and more personalized treatment plans. Zorg Invest attained the IBM SaaS solution provider accreditation. As part of the ‘health deals’ which are supported by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, it is currently being investigated whether Watson – the self-learning system of IBM – can be used to analyze patient data for the benefit of decision support for doctors. The Watson computer provides targeted treatment options based on relevant literature around the world. The partnership with Écart allows Zorg Invest to proceed with innovations and to further expand its services, both within the group and through acquisitions and alliances with (international) parties.