Lifehammer Products B.V. – founded in 2002 by Jan Franken – is the producer and brand owner of LIFEHAMMER®, a leading brand and worldwide supplier of car safety products. LIFEHAMMER® is known for its emergency hammers, but also develops other high-quality safety products for in and around the car and takes care of the marketing, sales and distribution to car importers, retail and dealer networks. The focus is on innovation, powerful design and excellent functionality. It is no coincidence that in 2014 the SAFETY HAMMER EVOLUTION was voted best emergency hammer in the Tros Radar user test. The SAFETY HAMMER CLASSIC ended at number 3.

Écart has been participating since 30 November 2011 in Lifehammer Invest, the sales holding company of Lifehammer Products. Écart acquired a majority interest in the company, with the intention to bring this interest back in due time. The immediate reason for the participation was further expansion and the recruitment of a new management that would eventually replace the founder-owner. The Management Buy-In was realized in May 2012. The formal transfer of part of the shares in Lifehammer took place. Jan Franken retained a substantial interest in the company. For the time being, Écart retains a majority interest. In 2013, Jan Franken transferred his director’s position to Patrick Bark. Franken is still involved with the company as a supervisory director. In November 2018 Marcel Zegger was recruited as director and also took a stake in Lifehammer. As of January 2019 Bark has withdrawn entirely from Lifehammer.