In November 2018 Écart Invest 1 B.V. a participation realized in This is the third packaging company in which Écart has invested. Écart has now invested a total of some EUR 12 million in this sector. is a box manufacturer that supplies to small and medium-sized businesses. This company was founded 16 years ago by Jos Knulst. Jurgen Vugts was recruited as general manager and started in February 2019.

By offering small series of tailor-made boxes online, the company was able to distinguish itself from other suppliers. For 7 years in a row the company has been awarded the FD Gazelle Award, a prize for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Écart has a long-term horizon and wants to support the company with further growth. Mr. L. Zijerveld of Écart indicates that the marketing is being intensified. ‘We are intensifying the marketing and we are taking on the sales team with sales teams.’ By producing tailor-made boxes, also in small quantities, he foresees sales potential in SMEs in the Netherlands. Then it is the turn of other countries. falls within the packaging sector of Écart. Écart has had an interest in Schutte since 2009, a manufacturer of bag closures. In addition, she has had an interest in SFA Packaging, a supplier of injection-molded packaging, for 6 years.