Atlas Magnetics Group B.V.

Previous participations

From 2001 to mid 2012, Atlas Magnetics Group (AMG) has been active in the field of complete magnetic solutions, ranging from high-tech magnetic materials to advanced engineering and mission-critical magnetic systems. AMG was also equipped with technology and production facilities in the field of prototyping, small series and mass production of high-tech magnet systems. AMG delivered directly and indirectly to the automotive, semiconductor, medical and other industries. The company had sales and engineering offices in Europe, China and the USA, and worked in close cooperation with Chinese manufacturers and assemblers.

In order to financially support the company’s growth ambitions, Écart entered into a participation in Atlas Magnetics Holding, the holding company of AMG in December 2006. AMG developed positively. However, in 2008 growth was hampered by the economic crisis. In 2009 Écart relieved the pressure on the working capital through an additional loan. AMG’s recovery in 2010 was thwarted by exorbitant price increases of raw materials. As a result, at year-end 2011 the working capital was again under pressure. Écart provided once more an additional loan. In the months that follow AMG was severely hampered in its operation, followed by the company’s bankruptcy in 2012. Currently a trustee investigates among other things the cause of the bankruptcy. Reason why Écart, for the present, refrains from statements about her findings and vision.