Écart sells its interest in Lytho to InMotionNow

Écart Invest 1 BV (“Écart”) has sold its interest in Lytho BV (“Lytho”) to the American company InMotionNow, Inc. (“InMotionNow”). Écart acquired a majority stake in Lytho in 2018 and provided growth financing. Lytho and InMotionNow will join forces in the field of marketing software.

Lytho offers marketing and brand managers a SaaS platform in which they can collaborate online in the field of branding, digital asset management and create & publish. Écart joined Lytho (at the time Sabern BV) as shareholder in August 2018, buying out existing shareholders. In addition, € 1.25 million in growth financing was provided for the development of the new platform of the same name and the expansion of the commercial organization. The management consisted of Niels Bouwman, Moniek Hop and Écart. Niels Bouwman and Moniek Hop will remain active as directors of Lytho after the takeover.

Écart invests for the long term in the ICT (SaaS), Packaging and Services sectors. Within ICT, Écart focuses on B2B SaaS companies. Écart invests in these sectors in majority stakes and is actively involved in the role of co-director, in which it works closely with day-to-day management.

In her role as co-director at Lytho, Écart has been closely involved with Lytho in finance, management information, commercial strategy and progress, human resources, software development, marketing, branding and legal affairs.

During Écart’s investment period, Lytho successfully developed and launched the eponymous SaaS platform, rebranded the company from Sabern to Lytho, expanded the commercial organization and attracted new customers, resulting in significant revenue growth.

InMotionNow offers marketers a SaaS platform for Creative Project Management. InMotionNow and Lytho offer complementary SaaS platforms with which they will strengthen each other in their offering to customers.

Écart has sold its entire stake and achieved a good return on its investment in Lytho.

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