Dutch scale-up Sabern have received a multi million cash investment from Écart Invest

The Hague 14 August 2018 – Dutch scale-up Sabern have received a multi million cash investment from Écart Invest.

Brandifyer is the signature online marketing platform atribbuted to Sabern B.V. (‘Sabern’). Brandifyer ensures that marketing staff, agencies and employees can optimise the collaborative online experience. In 2015 Sabern  launched this innovative SaaS platform , creating a compelling value proposition for an international customer base.

Écart Invest 1 B.V. (‘Écart’) investment  will enhance and compliment future product development, fueling future international business expansion and invest in customer success. Niels Bouwman and Moniek Hop will remain their positions as CEO en COO respectively.

‘We are extremely proud to have Écart’s support. Écart is a well balanced investor with a long term focus on customer satisfaction and with specific experience in IT and SaaS. With this collaboration we can strenghten our unique position of our marketing platform in the  Create & Publish space. Moreover, we can innovate additional compelling features in the area of Artificial Intelligence and align with our marketing platform driving international expansion’, commented Niels Bouwman.

About Écart Invest
Écart makes entrepreneurs aware of responsible value creation and works together with the management of their participations on the necessary preconditions. Écart invests in ICT, HR Services and Packaging. Écart has approximately €45 million under management for investments with a value of €55 million.

‘’Sabern is a fast growing SaaS company with appealing customers. The management has a good track record and has invested in the company itself. These are important conditions for Écart, together with investing in our IT / Saas focus segment. We are looking forward to support the management in further growth “, says Rolf Metz from Écart.

Écart takes a substantial stake in Sabern through this transaction and has invested an amount of  €2 million in Sabern.

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