Our mission

Building value

Écart arouses entrepreneurs’ awareness of accountable creation of value. To achieve this we work, together with the management, towards establishing the appropriate framework conditions. We  support you in the further professionalization of your company, in creating legal and financial composure and transparency, and by encouraging commercial focus, so as to create room for  development and growth.



Having over thirty informal investors and a management as shareholders, Écart is a stable and long-term partner. The fact that we invest for an indefinite period of time is quite unique. The management can rely on a sustainable partnership with an effective and professional team. Realization of your business plan thus has the best possible chance to succeed.


Commitment & transparency

In our view, investing encompasses ‘doing business with entrepreneurs’. It means that Écart not only acts as an investor, but above all, as a sparring partner in taking important decisions. Écart has an extensive network, and its team is well-qualified and experienced in guiding autonomous growth, financing and acquisitions. Transparency, equality, mutual confidence and respect are the key pillars of co-operation between you and Écart.


The organization

Écart Invest was founded in 1993 for an indefinite period of time. Écart has consciously chosen for extension rather than establishing a new fund. Hence, shareholders can rely on the undivided attention of Écart’s management and its circle of shareholders. The indefinite term of the fund means that Écart is a stable partner for entrepreneurs. 

The management, responsible for establishing and guiding its participations, is founder and co-shareholder of Écart and has committed itself exclusively to Écart. L.P.M. Trace Bestuur B.V. is Écart’s Statutory Board. Leo Zijerveld and Rolf Metz are both the Directors and shareholders of this firm. The management, responsible for establishing and guiding the participations, is founder and co-shareholder of Écart and has committed itself exclusively to Écart.



In addition to capital, the management and shareholders offer an extensive network and provide invaluable expertise. What they all have in common is that they are entrepreneurs who have gained broad practical experience in such areas as retail and wholesale, information technology, financial and business services, metal building and construction, and the pharmaceutical and food industries.

In view of their specific knowledge it may be opportune to consider shareholders’ involvement in the investment policy and management of a participation.


Écart started in 1993 with a fund capital of EUR 2.2 million. The company successfully issued new stocks in 1999 (EUR 2.2 million), in 2002 (EUR 7.5 million), in 2008 (EUR 15 million) and in 2017 (EUR 15 million). Today, Écart is equipped with an issued and paid up capital of43,3 million euros. Since the 2017 emission, the shareholders' circle consists of 36 shareholders.

The issued and paid capital has been well repaid through dividends. Since the company’s establishment in 1993, Écart has realized yearly a total cumulative return of 10 % (after deduction of all expenses).


L.P.M. (Leo) Zijerveld

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R.W.O. (Rolf) Metz

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G.J.M. (Gijs) Menting

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W. (Willem) van Duijn

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